Employee’s Engagement Survey

Organization output, impact on customers, organizational income

What Can The Engagement Survey Bring?

The engagement survey is a management tool

KNX "Engagement Plus" Model

  • KNX "engagement plus":

    KNX "engagement plus" incorporates the concept of organizational capability index in the engagement survey to help enterprises look in both the "bottom-up" and "top-down" perspectives, diagnose the organization and clarify the direction for future improvement

  • Questionnaire description:

    The total number of questions in the KNX "engagement plus" standard questionnaire is between 54 and 57, which includes two indices: the EEI and the OCI, and the drives in the 23 dimensions of 5 categories

    Specifically, there are 6 questions about EEI, 6-9 about OCI, and 42 about drive

KNX "Engagement Plus" Features

What Are The Advantages Of KNX "Engagement Plus"?

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