Harrison Assessments

Helping you predict whether candidates can have a successful performance
in their position with an accuracy rate up to 80%-95%

Values For Enterprises

Core Theory

Job preference theory

Enjoyment performance methodology points out that if employees and feel interesting in the type of tasks required for a job, and show the consistent preference for the work environment and personal environment, then the employee will be more efficient at work

Harmony and contradiction

Four combinations of harmony and contradiction analysis

Assessment Dimension

  • Technical competence qualification factor

    The qualification factor or technical competence can be included in JSFs
    The factors that qualify for success at work account for about 50%
    The qualification is complex and requires systematic measurement

  • Behavior capacity Suitability factor

    Measuring factors related to specific job behaviors in recruitment formula
    Suitability factor accounts about 50% in success at work
    Evaluating the suitability factors of all work, not just personality

Example Of Assessment Report

Report type:

  • Personal report on position suitability:

    Job success analysis

    Position development

    How to manage, develop and retain

    Harmony and contradiction analysis

    Summary and keywords

    Features and definitions

    Main charts and description

    Interview guide

    How to attract this candidate

    Employment and retention analysis

  • Competency-based reports:

    Summary report

    Specific competency report

    Career development report

    Professional preference analysis

    Your biggest advantage

    Career choice

    Career Development

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