Establish talent standards - Competency

Distinguishing the core competencies of employees with the outstanding performance and general performance

Modeling method

Standardized modeling

Directly employing the KNX standard model
Or making customized changes based on the KNX model

Customized modeling

Building the customer-specific competency model according
to the specific circumstances of customers

Comprehensive assessment dimensions

Focusing on future business

Strategic thinkingInnovation and pioneeringReform and managementContinuous Improvement

Complete the current business

Business wisdomfocus on clientsaddress issuesresults expected

Leading others


Team work

Motivating others

Communication and influence

Leading oneself

Being honest and candid

Learning and development

Emotion management

Passion and dedication

An employee's performance and future expectations are affected by the following factors:

  • Motivation:

    Willingness for career development

  • Background:

    Structure and depth of knowledge, life experience

  • Personality traits:

    Underlying behavioral style and origins for values

  • Development potential:

    Excellent capability stimulated by the environment (for specific positions)

  • Preparation:

    Being competent and having relevant experience for future positions

  • Contribution to organization:

    Not the influencing factors of performance, but the important manifestation of individual's organizational behavior

Assessment criteria model

Analysis capability

With the useful information collected via multiple channels analyzing and grasping the essence of the problem putting forward options, summing up the rules and analyzing the pros and cons and feasibility of the plans

Level (Key behavior)

  • Un

    Thinking about issues superficially, failing to gasp the essence of the problem

    Speculating the conclusion, mistaking the effect for the cause

    Lacking of analytical thinking and logic

    Dwelling on the extraneous information or details

  • Com

    Summarizing the rules from the fragmentary and scattered information

    Pinpointing related links in different events
    or confirming the irrelevancy

    Boldly establishing assumptions and looking for adequate data and factual evidence

  • Exce

    Solving problems, fully considering the long-term risks, and preparing solutions

    Summarizing the solutions to typical problems to accumulate knowledge

    Discovering key information or complex rules that others can not perceive

    Inspiring the team to figure out ideas, and leading the team to find better and more comprehensive ideas

    Putting forward innovative solutions to problems

Definition of assessment dimensions

Assessment dimension Definition and description
Being responsible

Putting emphasis on career, daring to challenge, willing to take the risks involved, and taking responsibility for their own actions

Creative thinking

Being good at thinking out of the box, taking the initiative to explore new work patterns and methods, learning the best practices in the industry, and proposing the innovative programs or creating an environment for innovative programs so that the programs can be adopted by the company

Interpersonal communication

Emphasizing information exchange, listening to explanation and information through various communication channels and methods so as to establish trustworthy relationship and improve work efficiency

Training subordinates

Assuming the responsibility of staff development, developing employee-specific training methods and objectives, giving timely guidance and incentives, thus achieving the co-development between staff and organizations

Overall planning

Preparing the comprehensive and scientific work plans based on the strategic requirements, through the analysis of the internal and external environment, to translate the strategy and vision into the clear and visible targets

Organization and coordination

Coordinating the relations between various stakeholders, reasonably integrating and allocating resources, and organizing relevant personnel to work together to accomplish their goals

Business sensitivity

Acutely grasping the market opportunities, identifying market risks and creating greater values for the enterprise through rapid action

Perspective of overall situation

Thinking from the macro and the overall situation on the basis of the overall interest

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