Closed-loop Produces More Value
Implementation Facilitates Business Success

Organizational Development

Every solution needs a set of core methodology:

With defining business demands and project objectives as the start, we provide customers with integrated support based on performance improvement from individual development to organizational development through diagnosis, design, implementation, promotion and effective use of psychometry and applied psychology, instructional system design and instructional techniques and organizational behavior theories, all of which are supported by our rich experience of practice and powerful information technologies.

  • Define
  • Diagnose
  • Design
  • Deliver
  • Drive

Talent Development

  • Organizational Levels

    Diagnose and clarify the organizational demands and criteria for talents;

    Provide the business with HR decision-making references;

    Understand employees' strengths and weaknesses;

    Improve the HR management team's talent concept and professional skills;

  • Individual Levels

    Have an objective view of your own capabilities at the moment, and reflect on your own competencies and quality;

    Have a strong desire for personal improvement subjectively;

    Have a clear understanding of future career development and undertake the responsibility for achieving goals;


Learning And Development

  • Leadership

    High-level management
    EQ-i 2.0
    Coaching management
    Creative thinking

    Middle management

    Grassroots management

  • Professional Capability

    Human Resources
    HR transformation
    Coaching HR
    Other departments
    Sales Supply chain
    Finance Administration

  • Professional Capability

    Workplace EQ
    Thinking and presenting
    Story teller



Recommending the compatible talent sourcing solutions considering the customer's business development, job responsibilities, corporate culture and other characteristics based on our deep understanding of position-specific requirements in various industries, scientific talent-position fit, professional HR assessment and well-functioning recruitment management system.

  • Excellence center
    consulting project

  • Industry talent
    think tank

  • Fit report

  • Professional background
    check by the third party

  • Employer branding


HR Outsourcing

Providing customers with one-stop HR outsourcing services, covering HR agent, personnel dispatch, job outsourcing and payroll management, etc.

  • HR agent

    Offering one-stop HR management services to simplify the employment affairs from entry to resignation

  • Personnel dispatch

    According to the needs of business, furnishing labor dispatch and flexible dispatch to meet the needs of flexible employment of enterprise across China

  • Position outsourcing

    Based on KNX's online and offline "selection, recruitment, training and development" services, providing flexible HR outsourcing services to enterprises, which is a comprehensive HR service product

  • Compensation management

    Establishing, adjusting and optimizing the compensation system to solve the problems involved in the compensation process of the enterprise


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