Identification and development
of high-potential talents

Helping enterprises correctly identify the high-potential talents is an important part of the HR work

Problem-solving and approaches


  • 1

    How to ensure the human resources of enterprises in this era of VUCA with complex, changing, fuzzy and uncertain circumstances?

  • 2

    Is the talent selection based on the capability required for a certain position still keeping up with changes in enterprises?

  • 3

    How to avoid overseeing talents and exploit the real potential of organizational talents?


  • 1
    Physical strength, intelligence, ability → potential

    In VUCA era, the key point of talent selection changes

  • 2
    High-potential talent

    In VUCA era, the enterprises need to control the key points in talent management

Full-process high-potential talent management planning

High-potential talent plan

High-potential talent plan in line
with corporate strategy

High-potential talent identification

Designing the sound process,
and integrating various methods to identify high-potential

High-potential talent development

Exploiting talent’s potential through special training,
work scope expansion, and participation in projects,
providing talents with opportunities for
growth and promoting the development of talent’s potential

High-potential talent retention

Understanding the preferences of high-potential talent,
adopting tangible/intangible measures to keep the talents,
and avoid the loss of high-potential talents,
giving full play to the high-potential talents

Our Advantages

  • Integrated solutions

    Providing the integrated solutions from planning, identification, training,
    and then to retention to help enterprises manage the high-potential talents

  • Rich professional tools

    Furnishing multiple online and offline tools for effective identification of high-potential talents based on the experience and professional research of high-potential talent

  • Professional consultant team

    The experienced expert consultant team provides insight into high-potential talent management with many years’ experience in management & project

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