Resignation Investigation

Appropriate turnover rate is helpful to enterprise’s development to maintain vitality
but excessively low or high turnover rate will affect the development of enterprises

What Is The Resignation Investigation?

What Can The Resignation Investigation Bring?

  1. Proper analysis of
    turnover trends
  2. Identifying motivations
    of resignation
  3. Pinpointing risks in
    organizational management
  4. Helping enterprises
    building employer brand

Motivation Model In Resignation Investigation

The employee’s loyalty and commitment in the organization will be significantly influenced by the assessment of the Great Leader, Great Company and Great Work

  • Achievement and
    value fulfillment
  • Respect and
  • Guarantee for
    life and work
Great Leader:

Management constantly inspiring the team to work for the future, being trustworthy, encouraging and supporting staff in their development, promoting high-performance

Great Company:

An organization that shows real responsibility to employees and society

Great Work:

Work that people can enjoy and grow with

Important Analysis Items

  • Basic resignation statistics analysis
  • Resignation temperature analysis
  • Resignation motivation analysis
  • Job application analysis
  • Double motivation analysis

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