Leadership development

Leadership is not just a symbol of power, but also a manifestation of influence,
covering self management, influence on others’ expectations, which is
the opportunity for reviewing and inspecting the situation of talents

KNX standardized model

  • Professional product

    Expert’s advice: Professional supports from Professor Yang Guoan and Dr. Li Rengen

    Analytical support: With reference to the analysis results of 5000+ resumes and 2000+ JDs

  • Four modules

    Leading oneself, leading others, accomplishing current business and focusing on future business

  • 60 + competency

    Integrity, communication and influence, being customer-oriented, strategic thinking

  • Four organizational levels

    Scientifically setting competency models corresponding to the requirements for individual contributors, grassroots, middle-level and top management

Development design based on assessment results

Report interpretation

  • All-round report interpretation

    • Introducing the report format and content

    • Emphasizing important concerns

    • Identifying behaviors to be consolidated or improved

    • Individual action plan

  • From concept to action

    • Developing a feedback agenda and goal

    • Counseling staff or colleagues

    • Preparing the exercise

  • All-round feedback

    • Importance of getting feedback

    • Purpose and role of all-round feedback

  • Core of feedback - Competency

    • Understanding competencies

    • Applying competencies properly

Learning process + learning method

  • • Promoting business development by cultivating talented people and setting talent benchmarks

    • Creating the whole learning process of learning - acquisition - changing

    • Autonomous management and mutual learning based on projects

  • • Trainers exchanging and sharing experiences 20%

    • Position practice and action plan 70%

    • Special training and self-study 10%

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