Talent Development

Constructing talent development system systematically and comprehensively
to support the implementation of the entire process and help enterprises
improve its organizational capabilities

Value And Significance

Organization level:

The KNX consultant will prepare the 360 test questions according to the dimension definition and behavior in the competency model to conduct a comprehensive talent assessment for all personnel involved;

Grasping the overall competence and quality of the business/grassroots/middle management, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their competency, as well as "gaps";

Developing a scientific and targeted plan for the training and promotion of core talents, and specifying the "goal";

Accumulating rich experience for the implementation of enterprise talent training strategy, providing reference for the implementation of the next plan; the accumulation of "experience";

upgrading the talent concept and professional skills of the HR management team, and promoting the project implementation through the implementation of the project and the talent-related training for management personnel by the HR Department at the later stage.

Individual level:

Through personal participation in review and one-on-one feedback and communication with experts, objectively recognizing the current situation of capabilities and reflecting on the performance of competency and quality in management;

Reflecting on the performance in simulated work situations, so as to consciously introduce more scientific management methods in future management work;

Subjectively desiring to enhance the individuals' quality and capability, and more actively participating in the training activities, carrying out more targeted learning and better training, and faster improving the leadership;

Introducing the concept of modern talent assessment in the future team management, paying more attention to scientific capability and quality assessment, selection and training of subordinates to form a virtuous circle and enhance the overall quality of employees.

Talent Development Process

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