Developing organizational capability

The organizational capability doesn’t refer to the personal capability
it refers to the overall competitiveness of a team instead

Yang triangle for organizational capability

Competent or not?Do employees have the knowledge/skills and qualities needed by the organization?

Willing or not? Do employees demonstrate values/ behaviors and commitment that match the organizational capability?

Allowed or not?Does the company provide effective management support and resources to give full play to employees’ strengths?

  • Uniqueness

  • Deep rooted in
    the organization

  • Independent
    of individuals

  • Sustainability

  • Overtaking the

Approach to develop organizational capability

Besides HR work, the market environment and strategic direction are the most crucial factors in determining organizational capability

Talents are the most critical resource for developing and enhancing organizational capability
As a result, some of the concrete work on the three pillars of organizational capability is eventually
conducted by the HR Department
  • HR

  • Market environment

  • Strategic direction

Process of developing organizational capability

Organizational Capability Survey

  • Strategy

    Suitability, acceptance and implementation of strategy

  • Employee’s competence

    recruitment, training and development, and retention ...

  • Employee’s mind

    cultural values and performance incentives...

  • Employee management

    organization and operation, information communication and process...

  • Organizational capability

    User-oriented innovation, implementation, agility

  • more



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