Learning map

Accelerating the growth of employees, and treating trainers as strategic
partners to promote organizational change

Capability development and learning path

KNX currently employs nearly 1000 full-time contract instructors, and provide approximately 3,000 customized training courses covering nearly 30 modules, including in-house training, development, sand table simulation and coaching; we are touring around China to offer more than 1,500 man-days of public class to ensure that after the Baozun assessment ends, there are systematic training programs consequently and render our customers worry-free.


Diversified learning and training methods

  • Trainer exchanging and sharing experience 20%,
  • job practice and action plan 70%,
  • special training, self-study and reading 10%


Complete learning path

Drawing a learning path

Analyzing learning content/form
Defining the learning process
Outputting/Accepting learning map

Designing theme

Designing module teaching activities

Developing learning passport

Confirming the function of passport
Developing contents of passport
Outputting learning passport

Launching learning project

Implementing the course

Previewing and collecting work-related questions before class
Conducting Course implementation and on-site counseling
Developing the behavior improvement plan

Tracking behavior transformation

Practicing behavior improvement work
Recording and making the feedback of the behavior
Reviewing and promoting the behavior transformation of trainees
Individual/group counseling

Evaluating behavior transformation

Measuring trainees’ behavior improvement
Summary seminar
Formulating the code of conduct for leadership


Scientific action plan tracking platform


Phased acceptance

Training effect assessment process

  • Demonstrated in the changes of system
    mechanism and process changes
    requiring support of high-level management
  • Demonstrated in the changes of team work
    requiring recognition and
    support of trainees and superiors
  • Demonstrated in the changes of capability
    on the premise
    of"purposeful" learning

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