Employment personality assessment(EPA)

Used to test the occupational personality characteristics of the subjects, that is
work style and behavior preferences of subjects under the occupational situation

Application Of EPA2.0 Assessment

EPA Theoretical Model

  • EPA theoretical model:Five personality theory
    Multiple professional personality assessment theories
  • Technical indicators:Excellent reliability (coefficient a: 0.908)
    High validity
    The latest theoretical model in China
  • Theoretical model:6 dimensions
    24 sub-dimensions
    1 response style

Employment Personality Assessment

EPA contains 6 dimensions and 1 response style, measuring a total of 24 personality traits/dimensions/behavioral characteristics with 10 years’ of continuous updating and optimization based on big data

  • Quantity of questions:103 answer
  • Time:20 minutes
  • Mode:link/two-dimensional code
  • Language:Chinese/English
  • Questions:self-assessment with 5 points
  • Report: Generate upon completion/Send to Email

Competitive Advantages

  • Latest model and questions, moderate quantity of questions

  • Questions covering a wide and comprehensive range

  • Strict development and optimization process

  • Solid theoretical basis

  • Localized questionnaire

  • Excellent reliability and validity

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