Cognitive Process Profile

The right talents are vital to the company's key leadership positions

Cognitive Model

Enterprises select the suitable high-end talents from the internal and external workforce, which needs cutting-edge assessment tools to achieve high efficiency. The previous leadership assessment adopted traditional questionnaires, which were tedious and time-consuming for middle and senior management and not sufficiently effective for HR. The cognitive style test (CPP) allows participants to complete their assessment with a purely gaming experience while playing simulation games online.
The theoretical basis of CPP is the most groundbreaking metacognitive theory of psychology in the 1920s, which can classify the cognitive style into 5 categories and more than 20 sub-dimensions and generate the accurate cognitive style reports for the subjects in combination with the results of big data analysis on "behavior" (mouse clicks, number of flop, pause time, review frequency, game rule memory, etc.) during the game.

Cognitive Process Profile

Through online simulation game, the subjects to complete the assessment in the game experience

The online test takes 2 hours with game experience. The reports are worth of further study, which present the significant guidance in the long term It is recommended in the selection of senior managers and high performance team, as well as selection of key management trainees

CPP Report

Example: The left icon shows the tracking results of the Manny monitoring progress, reflecting the current and possible working environment selected

Manny current and possible working environment

Manny's current cognitive attributes may best match the diagnostic
cumulative working environment

• Technical expert or monitoring work
• Situation problem solving
• Understanding service needs
• Grasping technical details
• Paying attention to the reasons, results and symptoms
• Diagnosing and preventing problems
• Finding solutions from accumulated experience

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