Streamline personnel procedure and improve working efficiency

Assign professional tasks to professional teams

HR outsourcing services

Fully meeting the enterprise’s needs of flexible employment, streamlining HR work processes, and reducing the HR management costs

Highlights of KNX HRO services

Helping everyone in enterprises to understand the enterprise’s goals, and inspiring their potentials

Flexible welfare solutions

Covering all HR management modules, and presenting comprehensive solutions
Monitoring of all project progress in real time at office
Simple and user-friendly interface

  • Plan

    Annual benefit plan

  • +
  • Platform

    Welfare incentive platform

  • +
  • Program

    Salary and benefits program

  • +
  • Guarantee

    Service quality assurance

Pre-job outsourcing services

Improving the staff stability during the probationary period, minimizing the risk of employees' voluntary resignation, and solving the problem of high turnover rate in probationary period

Professional headhunting and recruitment: Professional recruitment team/familiar with skills required in respective industry
Accurate and efficient assessment: personality assessment/professionalism assessment/competency assessment
Systemic and standardized training: Courtesy training/functional training/career planning
Stable and careful management: Regular communication/psychological counseling

  • Job recruitment

    Professional headhunting
    Recruitment services

  • Pre-job assessment

    Competency assessment
    Personality assessment
    Background check

  • Pre-job training

    Training courses
    Professionalism training
    Career development guide

  • In-service communication

    Regular communication
    Improving adaptability to
    the new environment

  • Helping candidates become regular employees

    Helping candidates go through regular employee application
    go through regular
    employee application

  • Staff entry

VX online system

Annual welfare plan: A diversified welfare product system with customized benefits programs for customers
Welfare incentive platform: Designing and building the enterprise-specific welfare incentive platform for HR management and employees
Salary and benefit program: Optimizing employee’s compensation program with the appropriate tax preference policies
Service quality assurance: Platform with strict supplier assessment system and business processes combined with advanced Internet architecture and cloud computing services

  • VX enterprise

    Real-time status query
    Mass mail management tips
    Establishing a talent pool

  • VX employee

    Mobile query

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