Talent development cloud

Cover the competency, e-learning, total performance management system, and help all employees understand the corporate objectives and motivate their self-potential

  • How to build talent teams?
  • How to manage employees' performance more effectively?
  • How to make employees' remuneration more competitive?
  • How to explore talents of high potential in the company?
  • How to development internal personnel?
  • How to build talent teams?
  • How to manage employees' performance more effectively?
  • How to make employees' remuneration more competitive?
  • How to explore talents of high potential in the company?
  • How to development internal personnel?
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Talent Development Module

Helping everyone in enterprise to understand their business goals and stimulating their potentials

Competency modele-learningTotal performance management

Competency model

Comprehensive management solutions

Establishing the information application centering around the competency management, which is
the foundation of HCM management and based on the key positions in the enterprise,covering
many functions such as the standardized competency models, flexible and configurable online
competency evaluation,personnel-position competency fit analysis. Providing enterprises with
comprehensive competency management solutions onlineand offline incorporating KNX Competency
Management Methodology and combining professional consulting services.


Establishing the standardized competence terminology to refine the granularity of
competency management into dimensions, projects, and behavioral performance.

Forming the key job post competency model based on the competency level
requirements and the importance of positions.

Carrying out online competency assessment, conducting all-round competency
evaluation of the incumbents, and analyzing the competency of personnel for the position.

Associating the competency management and training closely, taking the competency
analysis of personnel as a key factor in personnel training.

Leadership development
  • Learning maps

    Comprehensive management solutions

    On the basis of job tasks and competencies, building a job-based learning map, and forming a detailed career path and
    position training plan, clearly specifying the direction and goal of training and learning; refining the granularity of
    the entire training management, and enhancing the practical application of management.


    Flexibly defining the category and items in position-specific jobs and competencies, which are

    included in the learning maps; developing graphical learning maps based on position-specific jobs

    and competencies to present the job-based learning paths and plans

    Learning maps
  • 学习行动计划









Total Performance Management

Comprehensive management solutions

Providing enterprises with a configurable performance appraisal information management
platform to realize the information management of the whole process covering the performance
planning, process follow-up, performance appraisal, performance interview and performance
application.Meeting the requirements for various performance appraisal information applications,
such as KPI, MBO and balanced scorecard.


Flexibly selecting application for each step of performance planning, process follow-up
performance appraisal, and performance interview.

Customizing various performance appraisal forms, target follow-up form, and performance
interview records, which are used in each step of performance management.

Setting multiple performance roles, assessment relations and score weights.

Directly using performance appraisal results in calculation of payroll and various
performance-related bonuses.

performance system

Our Advantages

  • Tailor-made system, closely aligned with the employee management

    Realizing the full-process management services through evaluation research, design, modeling, customizing tools, and statistical analysis of preview results

  • Minimizing communication and feedback costs, showing desirable application results

    Helping enterprises improve and strengthen the talent management process with the work performance of staff collected, analyzed and fed back by the system

  • Logically designed, understandable to management at all levels

    Easy to promote and maintain, handy talent management without need for training or instructions

Our Values

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