Management Potential Assessment

The key elements that determine the personal success include the potential,
motivation, personality traits, and values

Wisdom Assessment

4Do talent assessment model

Integrated assessment maximizing the chance of finding the suitable talents in recruitment

Wisdom assessment can identify the status of a person's competence and reveal the underlying causes through the combination of psychological assessment and assessment center technology to provide a more valuable basis for the development of talents.


LQ leadership potential

Being able to motivate people and teams, playing an important role in promoting the efficiency of teams and organizations, fulfilling their mission and persevering in development.


IQ cognitive potential

Helping people to get more rational, objective and accurate understanding of objective things, grasping the rules and finding ways to solve the problem.


EQ emotional potential

Meaning much to people, helping people better understand, manage and control emotions, and promoting a positive and good teamwork and interpersonal relationships.


AQ pressure resistance potential

Helping people fight against setbacks and pressures, overcoming difficulties in adversity, pushing things forward and achieving their desired goals.

Example Report

Job adaptability analysis

  • Mean value:

    The average of the subject's scores on the potential items corresponding to the boxes marked with a color under the position, which refers to what extent the potential can be fulfilled

  • Correlation factor:

    The correlation factor between the color-marked scores and the subject's scores on the corresponding dimensions under the position, which refers to the fit between the potential style and the one required for the position


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