Leadership Assessment

Providing the reports prepared by the candidates
to evaluate one's leadership style

Leadership Assessment Model

LA is a diverse and targeted concept that combines personality assessment and capability assessment, which comprehensively and effectively assess the leadership in terms of 5 aspects including leadership, delivery and execution, analytical thinking, work support, monitoring and control, 31 dimensions of assessment indicators including socialization courage, influence and persuasiveness, decisiveness, assertiveness, competitiveness, motivation&ambition, power, responsibility, organizational skills, attention to details, recognition and status, desire for success, due diligence, data, analytical thinking, theoretical capability, imagination, positive response to changes, creativity, cognitive ability, social complexity, trust, empathy, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, emotion control, calmness and self-confidence, goal awareness and adaptability.

Leadership Assessment

LA has served nearly 100 enterprises in different industries, including real estate, finance, consulting, electricity, architectural design,
Internet, information technology and FMCG industries, and accumulated 2000 + effective data.

Question type

• Personality questions: 330
• Text comprehension questions: 16
• Mathematical reasoning and calculation: 16
• Scenario simulation questions: 30 questions with 5 options; selecting the Best and Worst options

Language: Chinese
Test method: Online test
Test time: 40 minutes; generating a report immediately
Advantages:theoretical model, large amount of industry data

Leadership Assessment Report

Analyzing the typical behavior of the individual's leadership characteristics in different situations to help HR determine the best candidate and define employee’s development path. In practice, it is one of the most commonly used tests in career selection and leadership.

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