All-Round Competency Assessment

Finding out the talents in need, qualified candidates in existing staff
and proposing the right solutions

Competency Model

The competency model, serving as the foundation for capability-oriented modern HR management system, provides the talent standards for HR management of organizations, which are implemented in combination with the scientific assessment system

The competency assessment based on behaviour provides scientific and objective assessment for enterprise’s talent selection and assessment, and serves as the source of management training

Advantage Of KNX Competency Library

System Support

Behaviour in competency model,preparing the 360 assessment questions; using the all-round individual assessment reports generated by the knx360survey system

Competency Model

Example Of Individual Assessment Report

Exploiting individual assessment report:

• Comparison of personal strengths and weaknesses: Comparison of oneself, and team benchmarking
• Diversified development proposals: Bestseller recommendation and problem reflection
• Detailed explanations of discrepancy, discrepancy between assessments by oneself and others

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