Building corporate culture

Outstanding organizations feature significant
cultural prototypes and core values

Function of corporate culture

Corporate culture is the source
of the core competitiveness of enterprises and the fundamental of enterprise development
The sustainable development of enterprises depends on the corporate culture

Success criteria for cultural journey project

  • Clarification

    Clarifying the enterprise’s strategy and its requirements for
    the organization to find the fit core cultural elements

  • Establishment

    Constructing the core values of the enterprise, formulating
    the key code of conduct so that the culture can be recognized and practiced

  • Intensification

    Deepening the core values of enterprises, enhancing and
    consolidating the effect in a long term

  • Perception

    Acquainting the employees clearly with the corporate culture
    respected by enterprises and the key behaviors shown

  • Recognition

    Recognizing the importance of corporate culture in business,
    identifying the alignment of company's important decisions with corporate culture

  • Practice

    Promote the staff to actively think if their behavior and decision-making
    are in line with the corporate culture, and encourage them to take the initiative to practice

Steps of building corporate culture

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