Position system design

Position system design is a tool that employs different HR management
strategies to greatly enhance the management efficiency

Steps and methods of position system design

Position arrangement is generally conducted with two or three combined methods instead of one method,
which shall follow the the principle of full workload regardless of the method adopted

Position level system and career development path

Assigning the the corresponding level to the position through position appraisal and interviews
  • Management sequence

    Vice PresidentDirectorSenior ManagerManagerAssistant ManagerSupervisor

  • Professional sequence

    Expert II Senior Engineer IIExpert I Senior Engineer ISenior Specialist II Senior Engineer II Specialist II Engineer IISpecialist I Engineer IAssistant

FAIR tools

Breaking down the departmental functions into layers for implementation
Different positions of the same function play different roles

Brief introduction of KNX position assessment elements

  • KNX position assessment includes seven elements: knowledge and skills, problem solving, innovation,
    communication, impact/responsibility, management scope, environment and conditions

  • In practice, the elements can be used flexibly according to the actual situation of the organization

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